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Daniel Schou, Meline Höijer Schou, deffa, chiseled physique, shoulders, chest, vascular

Welcome to Pen and Barbell, a site that offers a personal guidance on how you can achieve a sculptured, statuesque and muscularly defined physique.

/Daniel Schou

Chiseled physique, Daniel Schou, deffa, V-shape back, shoulder width, muscular definition, rhomboideus, waist,



A comprehensive summary of what Pen and Barbell is all about.


Find out who is the author of this site and what he offers to give you when you visit





Find your bearings and set your course with the help provided at this page.


If you are new to this site this is your short cut. Here you will be able to immediately start enjoying the Pen and Barbell experience. 




Daniel Schou, abs, chiseled physique, deffa, hard body, muscular definition, obliques
Chiseled physique, Daniel Schou, deffa, photo by Meline Höijer Schou, obliques, workout for abs, in shape all year round

Read my articles on training techniques, workout routines , different exercises and nutrition.


This is where the pen goes to action.

A page on the site where the photos are allowed to reign supreme. A gallery that I hope will inspire a continued pursuit of the Pen and Barbell ideal, namely a chiseled, muscularly defined and aesthetically pleasing physique.

Chiseled physique, Daniel Schou, Meline Höijer Schou, deffa, shoulder workout, biceps workout, chiseled physique, muscular definition, shoulder definition

Here you will find the most acute Pen and Barbell news.


Visiting this page is the fastest way to learn what I have  posted  recently in the form of articles, pictures and everyday reflections.

Daniel Schou, chiseled physique, Meline Höijer Schou, deffa, vascularity, deffa, muscular definition, articles about workouts and training philosophy



Daniel Schou, photo by Meline Höijer Schou, deffa, chiseled physique, vascularity, aesthetic physique, muscular definition, defined shoulders, defined pecs, obliques

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