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Mixing it up - calisthenics collides with 5x5

Today's workout session was all about mixing it up. After having trained with high volume for the last few weeks, keeping most sets in almost every exercise within the 8-15 reps range, I decided to shock myself today by hitting the heavy weights and aim for something similar to the 5x5 method. Since the theme was change and variety I also put some calisthenics into the routine. Furthermore I decided to mix up the overall composition of the workout so that it would involve many different muscle groups. According to the previous plans this was meant to be a chest- and backday, but it all ended up looking more like a kind of all-round workout. This is what took place, in this exact order:

1. Legcurls, 4x8 - in supersets with

2. Sisyphus squats, 4x20.

3. Seated calf presses, 5x8.

4. Dips, 4x10 - in duosets with

5. Pushups, 4x25.

6. Lats pulldowns, 4x5. (I can't help myself from mentioning that these were performed with the machine's maximum weight; 120 kg/265 pounds. As mentioned in an earlier post I have always enjoyed the lats pulldown, it is one of my favorite exercises.)

7. Inclined benchpress, barbell, 4x6.

8. Benchpress, barbell, 4x5.

9. Benchpress, barbell, no 2, 3x10.

All in all 36 sets of ever-changing challenges that I'm sure will result in soreness tomorrow.

Daniel Schou, träningsblogg

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