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41 intense and varied sets


Today’s workout was intense and varied:

Hanging leg raises, feet to the bar, 3x8

Triceps push-downs, 1-handed, 5x12/arm.

Inclined Biceps curl, 5x5-10

Triceps dips, 5x30

Myotatic crunches on Bosu ball, 3x15

Alternating crunches on Bosu ball, 3x10/side

Concentrated biceps curl, 3x12

Forearm curls, dumbbell, 5x6-10

Cable biceps flex, 3x6-10

Close grip bench press, 3x10

Biceps curl, machine, 3x12


This session contained an, for me, unusual amount of different exercises. Four different muscle groups were targeted: biceps, triceps, abs and forearm. I never let any rest interval in between sets last more than 20 seconds – and most often I didn´t rest at all; instead I went directly from one exercise to another and then back. It was high intensity all the way.

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