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A matter of lifestyle


I'm having a rest day. For me that doesn´t mean sitting still - on the contrary, my "rest days" are, more often than not, very active. I've seen the term "active resting" being used elsewhere and I'm prepared to use it myself. Today I have spent five hours outside, walking in the sun and enjoying all that life has to offer. I actually consider this approach to "resting" an important part of any workout program. There is no workout routine that in itself will let you achieve top shape. It is a matter of lifestyle. No matter how hard you train when you are at the gym you also need to make good use of the rest of your time if you have advanced goals when it comes to your health and your physique. I'm currently working on a big article where I will elaborate on this aspect of working out and getting fit.

Daniel Schou, blog post, serratus and lats.

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