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Today was arm day. In other words: my favorite kind of day at the gym - which I celebrated by performing the following 40 sets: 1. Biceps curl, barbell, 5x5. 2. Incline biceps curl, dumbbells, 5x5-10. 3. Concentrated biceps curl (standing), 5x6-10. 4. Bicepscurls, machine, 5x6-12/arm. 5. One-armed triceps extensions behind the neck, 5x8-12/arm. 6. Triceps pushups on a bench, 5x30. 7. One-handed triceps pulldowns, 5x8-12/arm. 8. Triceps pushdowns, machine, 5x10.

Daniel Schou. Biceps workout.

I was super-setting my way through the whole workout session, coupling every single set of biceps with one for the triceps. When it comes to the arms I have always been prone to the use of supersets.

Daniel Schou. Biceps peak.

I consider the barbell biceps curl and the incline biceps curl to be two great mass builders that allow the use of heavy weights and low reps. The concentrated biceps curl and the machine curls I employ in order to be able to attack the biceps from different angels and chisel details and peak. Normally I stick to free weights when working the biceps, but the last few arm sessions I have been mixing it up by using one of the gym’s biceps machines. Next time around, though, I’ll probably drop it in favor of the biceps chins which I consider being one of the best and most underused exercises there is.

As can be seen in this routine I prefer higher reps for the triceps. I seldom go low rep when training the triceps. There are a few reasons for this: 1. over the years I have always felt that this approach has been rewarded results-wise. 2. I consider most good triceps exercises to be ill-suited to really heavy weights. I have, for example, never seen anyone performing truly perfect triceps extensions behind the neck with heavy weights. Most of the pure triceps exercises are precision tools and should be used accordingly. 3. The triceps assists a lot during any heavy chest workout, if one involves the bench press and the dips. Therefore, when it is time to target the triceps itself I like to go for detail and accuracy.

As with the biceps I usually stick to the free weights (and calisthenics) when it comes to working the triceps. The machine pushdowns will definitely be dropped next time I’m polishing my horseshoes.

Daniel Schou. Vascularity.

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