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Enjoying some exaggeration


Enjoying some exaggeration

My last two workouts have both been taken to exaggeration and beyond. I say this without showing a trace of remorse. The abundant numbers of exercises, sets and reps have been the result of pure inspiration. It went like this:

Session 1: Pecs

1. Inclined bench press, dumbbells, 6x6-12

2. Flyes, dumbbells, 3x8-11

3. Bench press, barbell, 10x6-10 (I warned you it would be exaggerated…)

4. Inclined bench press, dumbbells, no 2, 3x8-12

5. Push ups, 3x20

6. Cable Cross, 3x10-15

So that was almost 30 sets of pecs, which is a lot - but the real exaggeration came the other day when it was time to work the arms...

Session 2:

1. Superset: Inclined biceps curls, 5x5-10 & Seated triceps extensions, dumbbell, 5x8-14/arm

2. Superset: Biceps chin-ups, 5x5-10 & Triceps push ups, 5x30

3. One-armed triceps pushdowns, 6x10-20/arm

4. Bicepscurl, cable, one-armed, 4x10-120/arm

5. Biceps machinecurls, 3x5-10 + a total of 4 drop sets

6. Superset: Inclined biceps curl, no 2, 3x5-10 & Seated triceps extensions, no 2, 3x6-10/arm

7. Forearmcurls with dumbbell, 3x10-14/arm

8. Concentrated biceps curl, dumbbell, 2x15-25/arm

Sometimes you have to throw all the planning and all the well-thought intentions out the window and just let it flow.

Daniel Schou, abs, vascularity, deffa, photo by Meline Höijer Schou

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