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Don't forget shoulder day


There is a lot of talk online about the importance of leg day. There is an urge not to become somebody who has a muscular upper body and thin legs. The truth however is that in reality the opposite is much more commonly seen: people walking around on thick and heavy legs while lacking completely in upper body development. So: let us not forget shoulder day and let us not forget to perform the important isolation exercises, like for example the biceps curls, the triceps extensions and the lateral raises.

For me, this was shoulder day - and it played out like this:

1. Chins, 5x8-15.

2. Seated shoulder presses, dumbbells, 10x5-6.

3. Seated behind the neck presses, barbell, 4x8-14.

4. Rowing machine, 5x5-10.

5. Lats pulldowns, 4x6-10.

6. Standing lateral raises, 4x8-12.

Daniel Scho Shoulder day

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