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A set-free abs workout


The day before yesterday I trained my abs and today I'm paying the price; the soreness is truly tangible. Not that I mind, i have always found abs muscle soreness rewarding. What made the workout session stand out was my decision (made beforehand) not to think in terms of sets. I knew what exercises I wanted to perform and I had decided on the amount of total work that I wanted done in each exercise - in other words: I knew how many reps I was going to perform, and that this was to be made regardless of how many sets was needed. I wanted to avoid the usual resting in between sets; the ambition was to perform the decided amount of reps as effectively as possible, which most often meant that I didn't allow any resting beyond 10 or 15 seconds.

The workout turned out really well; I felt I managed to keep the intensity levels high and that my concentration was sharp throughout the session. I have published an article here at, named “The rep-free workout”. This abs workout was a set-free one. What these approaches have in common is the willingness to zoom in on the actual work, letting go of all other thoughts of numbers and intentions. Most day I like to train in accordance to the traditional counting of both sets and reps, but I would nevertheless recommend that you, from time to time, let yourself spice things up by employing these different “mind-tricks”.

This is how the set-free abs workout turned out:

1. 100 Myocrunches on bosuball.

2. 100 Rotating myocrunches on bosuball (50/side).

3. 50 Lyin Leg raises.

4. 100 dynamic side planks (50/side).

Schou Daniel, abs workout

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