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Light is heavy

Light is heavy

Today I performed 40 sets of grueling arm work. And I do mean grueling. This was truly hard training. It was a workout session during which I encountered an old truth: light is heavy. What I mean by this is that I relied, throughout the whole workout session, on light weights ("light" in this context meaning weights that allowed me to perform at least 12 reps per set) - and that this kind of training can be really taxing if one make sure to push oneself. It went as follows:

Superset I:

Biceps curl, standing alternating, dumbbells, 6x12/arm.

Triceps pushups on bench, feet on floor, 6x30-40.

Superset II:

Biceps curl, cable from floor, one-handed, 6x12-18/arm.

Triceps pressdowns, one-handed, 6x12-20/arm + 3xdrop sets.

Superset III:

Biceps curl, barbell, 4x12-14

Triceps extensions behind neck, one-handed, 4x12/arm

Superset IV:

Concentrated biceps curl, dumbbell, 4x12/arm

Skullcrushers, 4x12 + 5xdrop sets

The result of this high volume session? An arm pump that I rate as absolute top of the notch. Both biceps and triceps felt really pumped already after a few sets. In fact, I wouldn’t hesitate to call my arm pump the last couple of arm sessions to be among the best I have ever achieved during 20 years of gym training. In future articles I will elaborate on how to achieve this kind of pump.

Daniel Schou, PT Itrim Uppsala


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