The benefits of targeting one single muscle group

The majority of people following this blog will be people who already divide their muscle groups into different groups, in order to be able to hit them harder than what is possible if one follows an all round routine where the whole body is targeted in a single workout session.

I would like to recommend that you, from time to time, take it even further and dedicate a whole workout session to one single muscle group.

The other day I wrote about how prioritizing can help you build muscle faster. To make a single muscle group your only objective the next time you hit the gym is probably the most pronounced way of prioritizing a muscle group that you feel you need speedy progress.

There are several benefits of an occasional single-group-workout.

Firstly, the most obvious one: spending all the gym time at one group will allow for increased training volume for the targeted muscles.

Secondly, you will find that your focus and your concentration are sharpened. The mind doesn’t wander as much when you know that the muscle you are currently working is the only one you will work today. This minimizes the risk of “going through the motions”, or just "getting the numbers down".

Thirdly, it can be great fun to break the routine like this and really go for maximum effort for one muscle group.

Furthermore, targeting just one muscle will allow you to leave the gym with lots of energy left in the tank. No matter how hard you train that single muscle group, you will most likely not be as spent afterwards as when you target two, three or four different areas in one session.

When I write this I’m only minutes from going to the gym. Today I’m going to live in accordance to my own recommendations by dedicating the whole workout to pecs only – not because I particularly need it, the pecs are one of my best muscle groups, but because I feel like it. All goals aside one mustn’t forget to have fun at the gym. Sometimes the beaten path must be deserted so that one can indulge in liberating improvisation.

/Daniel Schou

Daniel Schou April 2016

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