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3 factors that will ensure a good workout and a good pump

1. Improvisation. In general I’m all for planning, but I do believe that the best workouts (and, to a certain degree, the best performances in all fields of life) take place when the original plan is (for the right blood full reasons) abandoned and you allow yourself to go with the flow. One should not let the preconceived come in the way of true inspiration. I’m a strong believer in the power of knowledge - knowing what you do and why will accelerate your development - but one still must never let one’s know-how – or even one’s most well-grounded ambitions – come in the way of true lust. Sometimes method must give way for rawness.

2. The improvisation leads to a good mixing of different schools. The weights, the number of reps and the length of the resting periods in between sets should all be varied - sometimes drastically within the frames of one single workout session. This will allow you to achieve layer upon layer of pump. You will really feel it; how you hit all fibers, from the most deeply buried to the most blood filled and visible. The result will be an overall pump that doesn´t leave you for hours after the workout. There’s a lesson in this: if you are in pursuit of a visibly impressive physique you mustn’t adhere to one single set of principles only, especially not when it comes to the number of reps and sets being performed. Try going, in one single workout, from a classic 5x5 approach, via the Arnold approach of 6-10 reps/set, to the pump-oriented and Nubret-inspired 12 reps-approach. The body will immediately reward you by flushing your whole being with a powerful wave of endorphins and an inspiring pump that will make you long for the next session while still in the locker room.

3. Carbs.

Yes. That’s right. Carbs. I don’t care how many leading men you’ve read about who “transformed” their physiques in a few weeks by getting rid of all the carbs. That’s not the kind of pseudo results I aim for. And that’s not my ideal. Personally I make sure to keep my abs visible, absolutely – but they aren’t the one and only important thing. I don’t let the shredding get the best of me. For me, a washboard loses much of its appeal if it is surrounded by weak arms and shoulders. In order to maintain and keep what I personally consider a sufficiently muscular upper body carbs become essential. The diet must be kept natural. The energy levels must be kept high. I stay ripped all year round - not contest ripped, mind you, but ripped in a way that allows a chiseled impression without losing in force and sustainability. Eating a lot of carbs today will let your muscles spring into action tomorrow. You will be able to work hard while still always recovering quickly in between the sets.

Try implementing these factors systematically for a week and see the immediate results.

/Daniel Schou

Daniel Schou on how to ensure a good workout

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