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A philosophy boiled down

Here on I am dedicating myself to the formulation and recording of my workout philosophy. This is a far-reaching subject that involves discussions on various topics, such as workout regimes, numbers of sets and reps, performance techniques, different exercises and combinations, etcetera, etcetera - within the frame of what I initially dubbed as my “workout philosophy” there is really no end to all the different details that in themselves merits elaborated discussions and particularized investigation.

In accordance with the massively voluminous topic at hand will, eventually, come to hold a lot of information and material relevant to my ambitions. I consider muscle building, strength training and aesthetic body-sculpting to be a close-to inexhaustible subject – and I do not mind the daunting prospect of trying to bring clarity and a sense of overview to this vastness; on the contrary, I find great pleasure in it. The complexity is, in fact, one of the greatest reasons for my passionate attitude towards training and working out at the gym. To engage in serious body-sculpting and strength-training is like being engaged in ten or more different sports at once. In the gym awaits the infinite challenge - the ever-lasting undertaking that it is to really devote oneself to the pursuit of a chiseled body and a burning mind.

Bearing all this in mind I do, however, see a strong value in occasionally simplifying the matters at hand. A good summon up of a few factors involved can often breathe new life into a larger and ongoing discussion.

The 7 principles listed in this article will - if applied - help you achieve a sculpted and muscularly defined body.

In this article I will list 7 different principles that sums up a lot of what I believe is important in the pursuit of the Pen and barbell physique. If one is looking for guidelines in one´s quest for the hard, sculpted and muscularly defined body, then these 7 principles will go a long way in the accommodating of this will.

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