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A seldom mentioned benefit of weight training

A seldom mentioned benefit of weight training is that it allows you to get to know your own body. A person that spends a few hours every week at the gym will soon develop an ability to feel both one's resources and one's limitations. Someone in pursuit of a strong and chiselled body will get to be in tune with oneself. This is a benefit that comes in hand in many different situations in life.

An example is when you find yourself fighting a cold. You will know when to hold back in order not to get sick. And you will know when the opposite is what is needed - a workout in order to push through and boost yourself so that you don't get truly sick.

Regular gym training also lends you useful instincts in connection with everyday chores. You will know what you can and cannot do. This in turn leads to a lessened risk of unnecessary injuries and a better resistance against stress.

After a while you will know the difference between good and bad pain. And you will know already when you climb out of bed what your physical status is that particular day.

Such knowledge of oneself also makes it possible to pick the best out of all the advice and so called science that is being poured out in the media in regards to dieting and training. You will know what you can ignore - and you will feel, instinctively, what is worth listening to.

You will stop being a victim of your own whims. You will know what you truly need in terms of rest and diet.

All this adds up to yet another excellent reason to train with weights on a regular basis.

/Daniel Schou

Daniel Schou about the benefits of weight training

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