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Bodyweight weekend

Friday's workout session went like this:

Myotatic crunches on Bosu ball, 3x12

Alternating crunches on Bosu ball, 3x24 (12/side)

Dynamic side planches, 3x20/side

Lunges, 3x12/side

Lower back extensions, 3x12

Sisyphus squats, 3x15

Dips, 3x12

Inclined push ups, 3x20

Calf raises, bodyweight, 1 foot at a time, 3x20/side

Hanging leg raises, feet to the bar, 3x6

... and Saturday went like this:

Body rows, under Smith bar, with biceps grip, 10x10-16

Triceps pushups, with elevated feet, 5x30

Diamond pushups, 5x12

Sunday was a rest day. I planned to do some back and shoulder training, but when I listened to my body it made it clear to me that I should stay away from the gym that day. I was content with some low intensity cardio, in the form of walking.

I really enjoyed the two workout sessions described above. They made me want to undergo a period where I put extra emphasis on bodyweight work at the gym.

Calisthenics are a great way to mix things up. Sometimes I see people online debating whether you can build muscle mass with bodyweight exercises only. The answer is yes, you absolutely can.

/Daniel Schou

Daniel Schou

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