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3 tips that can immediately improve your performance in all exercises

3 tips that can immediately improve your performance in all exercises

Sometimes it is well worth remembering the basics. Zooming out in order to take a good look at one’s recent habits can result in immediate improvements. Read through the tips listed below – and the next time you’re at the gym make sure to apply them consciously during all exercises that you perform. Don’t be afraid to overdo it – on the contrary, make sure to exaggerate in order to really feel the power that these 3 habits can lend you. If you do this chances are good that you will experience a rewarding boost of strength, energy and muscle response.

1. Breath properly while lifting

Take deep breaths. Deliberate breaths. Fill your lungs properly while lifting. Inhale while lowering the weight and exhale with purpose when lifting it.

A good breathing technique can sometimes mean a lot of difference for your strength levels.

2. Hold an athletic posture while lifting

There is a reason why there is no end to the talk about the importance of core strength. A strong, proud and athletic posture held while lifting doesn’t only look good – it reduces the risk of injury and betters your performance. A good posture makes sure you are using your muscles the right way. It also helps you to breath properly while lifting, in accordance with the recommendation listed above.

3. Make sure to possess pre-knowledge of the exercise in question

While gym training will always be in part a question of learning by doing it still helps a lot to know what you’re doing already before you’re actually doing it. This reduces the risk of injury and quickens your path to results. Before doing an exercise always make sure that you know what the primary target is. The importance of this might seem self-evident, but the fact is that I have many times over-heard people at the gym discussing the purpose of an exercise – while doing it. This should be avoided. Never face the challenge of a heavy lift without knowing why you’re doing it and how you should go about doing it.

/Daniel Schou

Daniel Schou 3 tips for improved performance

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