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3 diet habits that will energize you in one week

3 diet habits that will energize you in one week

True and long lasting results come from hard and long lasting work. This said, there are still things that you can do in order to get a quick surge of renewed energy and strength. Try these 3 diet tips for one week and reap the benefits in form of increased energy and well being.

Note that in order to achieve anything substantial in such a short period of time you need to go all in. Don’t cheat. At all. Remind yourself every day that it is only one week. You can do it.


Go for carbs with low glycemic index (called GI for the rest of this article).

During the week in question, make sure to eat a lot of vegetables. Replace all pasta and white rice with brown rice and sweet potatoes. Eat absolutely no white bread at all, in any shape or form. Skip all food that contains sugar.

Going low GI will make your energy levels more balanced and even throughout the day. It has also been shown in studies that low GI diets makes it easier for people to maintain discipline in their eating habits.


Drink one litre more of water per day.

Increase your water intake during this week with one litre per day. It doesn’t matter how you go about it – you can force down an extra litre at one serving, or you can spread it out throughout the day, just make sure that you drink at least one litre more than you usually do.

Strength, muscle growth, recovery, general health, energy levels and injury prevention – all of these factors benefits from good levels of hydration. Chances are good that you will benefit from a systematically increased intake.


Eat or drink absolutely nothing of the following for the duration of this week: candy, soda, white bread, fast food, cereals, snacks, ice cream, or – and this is a big one – anything containing alcohol.

If you feel an urge to complement your coffee with something extra, then make it dark chocolate, with a cacao level of at least 75 %. This is an antioxidant-delivering habit that I recommend you to keep up after the week is finished.

People often make promises, to themselves and to others, that they are going to live in accordance with this third habit. They most often fail. One of the reasons for this is that they aim too high too fast. Don’t make lifestyle promises. Be content with making this a week’s ambition.

Heightened energy levels, better skin, improved health, increased strength, better sleep – these and more benefits are just a week’s determination away!

/Daniel Schou

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