Pecs and Cardio Monday

This week started off with a pecs and cardio workout. I like that combination. It feeds two different, yet interdependent, ambitions: mass and quality. I like the feeling of first hitting the bench press, aiming for heavy weights and a good pump, indulging in classical mass building – and then to follow this up with some intense cardio that makes the skin blossom, the pulse accelerate and the blood sing.

It went like this:

1. Bench press, barbell, incline, 7x5-12.

2. Superset: Flyes, dumbbells, 4x10 & pushups 4x25.

3. Running, treadmill, 10 minutes, with intervals.

Not the hardest of sessions, but very rewarding. When I quit I wasn’t emptied and finished, but rather charged and strengthened. I like to be able to stop at that point, not always pushing myself to exhaustion and fatigue.

I finish this post with a suiting picture, taken this weekend. It is a photo in which I hope to be able to demonstrate the above mentioned combination of mass and quality in the chest. In my opinion a man’s chest should surely be muscular – but not solely so; for me it is important that there are visible ridges and veins. I only find a man’s chest truly impressive if it offers a chiseled and qualitative look. My ideal demands that this should be held all year round, not just in connection with peak shape.

Daniel Schou, chest with quality

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