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The minimalistic save workout , part 2

The minimalistic save workout, part 2

In an earlier post I introduced the concept of what I call the minimalistic save, meaning a minimalistic workout that can be performed anywhere and in 15 minutes or less, while still being sufficiently demanding to make sure that you don’t suffer stagnation or decline when facing days or weeks where you lack the possibility of visiting a proper gym.

My second example of such a workout would be the following:

  1. Run for 3 minutes, at a pace that you would classify as a good warm-up pace, getting your blood flowing and your muscles working, but in a manner that is still far from excruciating.

  2. Perform 5 sprints at maximum (or close to maximum) speed.

  3. In the rest intervals in between the sprints you perform 10-20 push ups, depending on your strength.

  4. Run slowly for 3 minutes, at approximately the same pace as when you warmed up.

That’s it. Despite how easy this might seem at first glance I can guarantee you that you will get a lot of “bang for the buck”. And despite being a cardio workout (of sorts) this will actually also both preserve and build muscle. It has been demonstrated in plenty of studies that intense sprinting produces an anaerobic effect, similar to the one we get when lifting weights at the gym.

/Daniel Schou

Daniel Schou, Personlig Tränare i Uppsala

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