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The reason I always go back to high volume training

Sometimes I have been prioritizing heavy weights and a lower training volume than the one I usually perform. The number of sets have been kept low (2-4/exercise) and the number of reps as well (3-6/set). Most sessions have been following the thoughts behind the so called reversed pyramid training – meaning that I have started out with the heaviest set, after which I have decreased the weight for the following 2 or 3 sets of the same exercise.

It can be inspiring to change things up in this fashion from time to time – and the results will often take a leap forward.

I will, however, always return to my more usual approach which, in general, can be described as high volume, most often aiming for 4-6 sets/exercise, 6-20 reps/sets and 12-20 sets/muscle group.

How come I always go back to high volume training? Simple: because I have a favorite way of working out.

There is a lesson in this: sometimes we must ignore all trends, all science, all claims, all tips and advices – and simply go with what we find most rewarding ourselves. This goes for the question of low vs high volume – and it also goes for the choice of exercises. The principle of following one’s heart rather than anything else also comes into play in other health issues. Is, for example, breakfast an important meal or not? Ultimately you will have to decide for yourself. We are all “wired” differently.

The ability to learn what oneself responds best to when it comes to both training and diet is important if you have advanced goals at the gym.

Lastly in today´s post I´ll give you today’s shoulder and forearm session, in order to underline what is written above:

Daniel Schou, PT Itrim Uppsala
  1. Shoulder presses, dumbbells, 3x5

  2. TRISET:

Shoulder presses 2, dumbbells, 6x10-12 + Drop sets, 6x6-8

Sitting bent-over lateral raises, 6x16

Forearm curl, dumbbell, 6x12/arm

  1. Lateral raises, one-handed cable, 3x12/side

  2. Seated shoulder press behind the neck, barbell, 4x12-14

  3. Standing lateral raises, dumbbells, 3x12

  4. Reversed biceps curls, barbell, 3x6

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