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Beginner's month - a workout routine that will make you fall in love with the gym experience


If you are new to weight training and burdened by questions on how to best get started, then this is the article for you. The article is written in two different parts. In part 1 I will equip you with a number of principles, tips and advices that will ensure that you enter the gym with the right mindset and the best possible conditions. In part 2 I serve you an appetizing beginner’s program which will make other programs of the kind feel lifeless and boring. The aim of this program is to help you achieve solid results already in the first month (provided, of course, that you really do follow the prescribed amount of training) and to ensure that you get to experience all the different aspects of gym training. The article is called Beginner’s month and you can find it here:

The Beginner's Month - The P n' B guide on how to get started at the gym.

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