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10 foods that make any supplement unnecessary

Since I often get questions in regard to dieting, food and nutrition I am currently developing this aspect of Penandbarbell.

During May I will make it a habit to discuss dieting and nutrition in relation to working out.

I'll start off with a basic list of 10 foods that I would recommend to anyone in pursuit of a chiselled and strong physique. If you make a habit out of eating these 10 foods you won't need supplements, protein powder or creatine in order for you to build qualitative muscle mass and ensure cardiovascular health:

1. Eggs

Because of the protein. And no, there is no need to fear cholesterol.

2. Salmon

Because of the healthy fat that can be found in this and other fish.

3. Milk

A gym goers best friend - and don't let any trendy supplements-using people tell you otherwise.

4. Kale

Held as the world´s most healthy vegetable - and that is saying something considering that most regular vegetables are considered rather healthy.

5. Broccoli

Vitamins en masse - and on top of that iron, magnesium, zinc and you name it.

6. Brazil nuts

Fibers, proteins, healthy fats and selenium. The latter strengthens your immune system and fights inflammations.

7. Beet juice

The choice of Olympians athletes. Good for your cardio vascular health.

8. Organic minced meat

Iron, zinc and B-vitamins.

9. Potatoes

A great source for good carbs. In other words: a great source for strength and energy.

10. Coffee

For the pleasure of it.

/Daniel Schou

A feast prepared by Daniel Schou

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