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A German Volume Training session followed by a lunch offering the most healthy vegetable in the worl


I couldn´t think of a better way to start the new week than to treat myself with a German Volume Training leg session. The workout turned out to be intense, painful and rewarding. It went like this: I Leg Presses, 10x10. II Leg curls 10x10. III Seated Calf presses. 10x10. IV Myotatic crunches on Bosu ball 10x10.

I made sure throughout the session to keep the rest intervals short, never allowing them to stretch beyond 45 seconds per set.

Daniel Schou, back muscles, shoulder workout, German Volume Training, kale

Afterwards I had the pleasure of having a rendez-vous with the world’s healthiest vegetable: green kale.

Kale offers many proven benefits. If you want to increase your intake of vitamins A, C and K, then look no further - and if you want to boost your antioxidants, you will have a hard time finding a better alternative. On top of all this the use of kale will guarantee that your taste buds get a memorable meal.

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