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A protein drink in the style of the golden era

Development is a fine thing. We don’t want to live in a stale universe where things just remain the same, do we? No. We don’t. We want movement and change. We want news. This is true in many, if not most, fields of life. The world of fitness and muscle building is no exception. Things move on. We don’t want to just keep on doing what all previous generations already did. We evolve. We get better. We learn. We discover. We innovate.

All this having been said, there are things worth keeping. And there is stuff that has actually yet to be bettered, even though they are decades old.

In bodybuilding the 70s are often called “The golden age”. Many consider the competitors of that decade to be superior to all prior and all after, at least in terms of aesthetic appeal. I agree with this opinion. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Serge Nubret and Frank Zane are all, in my personal opinion, inspiring in their ability to combine extreme raw muscle mass with quality. Their waistlines were slim and strong. Their legs were very muscular, but still athletic and able of high performance swimming, running and jumping. They gave an overall impression of being strong, chiselled and proportionate.

Today I had myself a high volume back and shoulder session that the mentioned trio probably could have signed off on. Schwarzenegger would have liked to have kept the reptition numbers a bit lower and Zane might have found 40 sets a bit exaggerated, while Nubret probably would have thought that there was room for much much more… but all in all, they wouldn’t have complained all too much about the following:


Shoulder presses, dumbbells, 5x12-16

Seated bent over lateral raises, 5x12-18

Rowing, 5x12-16

Chins, 5x5-10


Seated shoulder presses behind neck, 5x12-14

Forearm curls, barbell, 5x12

Bent over barbell rows, 5x12-16

One handed cable lateral raises, 5x10-12/side

Afterwards I treated myself with another thing that has stood the test of time: a 70s styled protein drink:

Put the following in a blender and enjoy:

3 eggs

3 scoops of vanilla ice cream

5 dl milk (3 % fat)

This drink will offer you both the carbs and the proteins that your body craves after a hard workout session. And there will be plenty of nourishment to with the macronutrients. Development and changes of time in all their glory – it doesn´t get any better than this.

/Daniel Schou

Daniel Schou, PT Itrim Uppsala

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