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A sore rest day following a Nubret-styled arms-routine


Today is rest day - and I sure need it after having put myself through some heavy volume training the last couple of weeks. Yesterday was arm-day and it went as follows:

Superset No 1

1. Biceps pullups (narrow grip, facing the palms), 6x6-10 (70 pullups in total).

2. Triceps pulldowns, one-handed, 6x12/side.

Superset No 2

3. Standing alternating biceps curls, dumbbells, 6x12.

4. Rocky extensions, 6x12/side.

Superset No 3

5. Biceps curls in machine, one-handed, 6x12/side.

6. Triceps pushdowns, machine, 6x12.

All in all a good and hard workout session consisting of 36 burning sets that at first resulted in a good pump and then, today, in a soreness that I wear as a medal.

If you have read my article beginner’s month you already know that “Rocky extensions” means seated, one-armed, triceps extensions behind the back. This is an homage of mine to the childhood memories of Rocky Balboa’s raised arms, where one could clearly discern detailed cuts and striations where the biceps meets the triceps. This exercise mimics that triumphantly raised arm and will, over time, help you approach that same amount of chiseled muscle quality. It is fashionable nowadays to speak volumes on the benefits of compound movements – but the triceps is an excellent example of a muscle group that will never be properly targeted without the use of isolation exercises – and the Rocky extensions is one of my favorites.

Bicepschins simply means pullups performed with a narrow grip and a biceps-grip (facing the palms). This is one of the most underrated biceps exercises there is. I elaborate on its appeal in my article 3 Biceps exercises for both size and peak.

This 6x12-layup is inspired by the late Serge Nubret who trained in that rep-range his whole life. Going for 12 reps in set after set throughout the whole workout session means that you have to keep the weights relatively light. Don’t let this fool you into thinking in terms of easy – this kind of workout is grueling and requires you to endure a lot of pain.

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